Firefly Growlight


The Firefly LED is a complete new growlight fixture, specially designed to give your plants the (sun)light it needs! A unique LED fixture that you have never seen before!

This unique LED fixture gives you the full sunlight spectrum with built-in UV-A. This all in, one single LED chip! Say goodbye to the blue/red and white chips. On top of this the fixture is completely modular.

Will you give your plants the (sun)light it needs?

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Our HPS Fixture

The FIREFLY 1000W HPS (Pro) 

The FIREFLY 1000W HPS light fixture is one of the newest plug-and-play lighting products on the market. Together with different experts in the hydroponics and horticulture industry we have developed this HPS light fixture. It may not look like a novelty and there are similar looking products in the market, however our quality is under the hood. 

The FIREFLY 1000W is one of the most compact plug-and-play fixtures out there and fits perfectly in smaller and in bigger (growing) areas.

Plug & Play
5 year warranty

Our Goal

"Our goal is to bring high quality, easy-to-use products for a more affordable price"

Our Controller


The FIREFLY Spider can control up to 100 FIREFLY 1000W HPS (Pro) fixtures. By connecting your FIREFLY fixtures to the Spider, you can dim the lights with 1% increments, turn them all on/off at once, program a timer to turn them on/off, including with a sunset/sunrise feature, connect up to 2 sensors (included in the box) that measure temperature and humidity, and set min/max safety values for these criteria so that the Spider will switch off all lights if they are too high. 

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Our Bulb

FIREFLY Bulb 1000W

The FIREFLY BULB 1000W EL DE is produced to give the crop the best artificial light for its vegetative and generative stage. Best to be used along the FIREFLY 1000W HPS (PRO) fixture. The combination of this bulb with the light fixture will give the best light output and a guaranteed lifetime of more than 10,000hours.

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Full Spectrum Sunlight When looking for the latest information on grow lights, whether you like HPS or the newest LED grow lights, you are bombarded with technical specs and difficult terms such as photons, PAR, PPFD, PFD and many more. You are almost supposed to be a scientist to be able to understand what all these things mean and how they influence your grow. In this article, we will try to shed some light (pun intended) on things and hopefully answer some questions about what is out there. After you have read this information, you should be able to categorize

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Growing Cannabis with LED Growing Cannabis with LED Changing from HPS to LED → Why There are a bunch of reasons that growers consider when changing from HPS to LED growlights. Not all may be equally applicable to everyone’s situation, but it’s a good start to list the most important ones: Power saving Although it’s true that, since LED’s have become so much better in the last few years, it is now possible to switch a 1000W HPS Growlight fixture for a lower energy consuming LED fixture. Depending on the quality of the fixture, this change can lower the energy

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Sunlight Spectrum Increases CBD and Terpenes Level In the beginning of 2022, Firefly Growlight co-operated with a Swiss CBD producer in a series of comparative trials. In Switzerland, the cultivation and sales of weed with less than 1% THC is completely legal. This has led to a huge professionalization in the market, with mostly scale-ups of grow rooms. However, there have also been huge steps forward in the development of new strains that stay under this 1% threshold, but also increased levels of CBD and terpene content. Vision of hemp – the owner of the CBD brand: Holy Shit –

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Artificial Grow Lights Artificial Growlights In this article we like to take you through a journey in time with respect to the history of growlights. We live in exiting times with HPS, being the high power dominant light in growing until halfway 2018. However, LED growlights have been knocking on the door since the mid-00’s of the 21st century. How did we get here and where will the next developments take us? How did we get here? A brief history of artificial (grow) lights “… let there be light: and there was light.” Are the famous words passed on for

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