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This is Firefly

Fireflies are elusive creatures. They only appear when they want to. And when they do, they want everyone to know where they are. They shine their light to guide the way into the dark, they point us to where we need to go.

We started more than a decade ago in hydroponics and ended up working for different companies, brands, countries, continents, products and more importantly: with many different people. Which is what drew us back into this industry again. Because it doesn’t matter who you talk to: industry leaders, scientists, corner shop owners and growers, no matter how large their setups, everyone shares the same passion: The plant. 🪴

Who we are?

Two dedicated people from Holland, with much love for the plant and with a little help from our friends. Our goal is to, like the fireflies, shine a light on the industry. During the years we have met many experts from plant scientists to lighting technicians to large commercial growers. In order to develop the FIREFLY products, we called for their help. And luckily, they came. Of course, we are more than honored that they have taken the time to work with us. 

Help both starting as well as experienced growers as good as we can to navigate through this jungle. By sharing our knowledge, by bringing you affordable good quality products, great service, by connecting people and by constantly innovating, we will give all we got to make this industry better.

Our goals are simple

Affordable Price

Best Technology

Always Available

Our goal was to bring high quality, easy-to-use products for a more affordable price than is currently available on the market. By using the latest technological advancements in micro-chip technology and some innovative logistical ideas, we have succeeded.

We are very proud to present you with the first results: The FIREFLY 1000W HPS fixture and the FIREFLY Spider.

Even though the fixture does not seem like a revolutionary new product, it packs a lot of power under the hood. Furthermore, there is more cooking; we are closely monitoring the progress being made in power-saving growlights and developing our own solutions in this field.

Keep an eye on our website and social media to be the first to know what is new!

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